Software Updates für AB IPbox Prismcube Ruby

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Software Updates für AB IPbox Prismcube Ruby

Ungelesener Beitragvon techno-com » 21. Juni 2016 11:21

Software Updates für AB IPbox Prismcube Ruby
Shoplink zum Receiver
Forum-Link => AB IPBox PrismCube Ruby Twin Satreceiver HDTV XMBC Wifi

We always recommend to install the latest software version from this webpage, or to update software directly in OSD menu of the receiver.

You can see all the changes in the software versions in Changelog.

Please note the tutorial video below to see instructions of AB IPBox Prismcube Ruby software update.

How install new software

1. Download actual software version from this page to the PC.
2. Unpacking software.
3. Unpacked folder "update_ruby" copy to the root on USB stick.
4. Put USB to the receier and restart STB.
5. During boot you will see on TV screen information about press "i" button on remote controller for start update STB.
6. When update is finished, remove USB and box will restarted.
7. In this moment have your AB IPBox Ruby actual software.

# Prismcube Ruby Stable version Change log.

Last Updated 27/05/2016
[MODIFIED] Max mark channel count modify for channel move in edit mode
[MODIFIED] Show extened epg info when epg key input in EPG window
[FIXED] tv8 channel epg add bug

[NEW] Shutting down STB after recording option added in Add manual timer dialog
[MODIFIED] OSD translation update
[MODIFIED] Picon image update
[MODIFIED] EPG load modify for EPG window
[MODIFIED] Default Antenna and tp change
[MODIFIED] By default, UPnP, Webserver, Remote control, Zeroconf and Airplay setting in XBMC are set as on
[MODIFIED] More pre/post record time options
[MODIFIED] FF/RW in XBMC playback
[FIXED] Displaying starting record icon, volume bar and mute icon when DVB subtitles are on
[FIXED] Deleting channels in edit channel mode in Channel list
[FIXED] STB sometimes doesn't include timeshift to recorded file after start recording when permanent timeshift is on
[FIXED] Move channels bug in Aeon Nox G
[FIXED] Missing subtitle at the end of media file bug
[FIXED] Displaying media partition path of internal HDD in Videos, Music and Picture in XBMC
[FIXED] Volume save bug when no channel

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

[FIXED] EPG Load bug

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

[NEW] Mini-zapper feature in booting
[NEW] Telnet feature support
[NEW] EPG Grid timeline interval option in EPG slide menu
[NEW] HbbTV icon display time option in Advanced menu
[NEW] EPG language in slide menu of EPG
[NEW] Fast Forward and Rewind feature in XBMC media playback ( beta version )
[MODIFIED] Booting time optimization
[MODIFIED] XBMC media playback start optimization
[MODIFIED] Seek and long jump while playback media in XBMC optimization
[MODIFIED] Loading large AVI file optimization
[MODIFIED] German and Russian OSD translation update
[MODIFIED] Change Main menu ( XBMC -> MEDIA/XBMC )
[MODIFIED] Animation effect in PVR side
[MODIFIED] Added rename timer option on Add manual timer dialog
[MODIFIED] Left/Right navigation of Numeric dialog
[MODIFIED] Added a warning message of losing channels and timers in Antenna Setup
[MODIFIED] Backup and restore whole system menu
[MODIFIED] Changing channel by pressing OK button when the focus is on scroll bar in Channel list and EPG
[MODIFIED] Picon image update
[FIXED] Youtube addon playback hang up in some countries
[FIXED] Copying files to internal HDD of Prismcube from OSX
[FIXED] PIP on Skin Bello
[FIXED] Show next/prev EPG bug on Live plate
[FIXED] MP3 playback bug
[FIXED] Fastscan channel name update bug
[FIXED] Minor GUI bugs
[FIXED] Timeshift plate stays till pressing back button
[FIXED] PIP Dolby audio track issue
[FIXED] Factory reset bug
[FIXED] Weekly and Daily recording bug
[FIXED] PIP channel bug in radio mode
[FIXED] Subtitle remains when changing to previous channel
[FIXED] Incorrect Media partition size when formatting HDD
[FIXED] Flashing power LED bug when switching off
[FIXED] Stacked films playback in XBMC
[FIXED] EPG grabbing bug
[FIXED] CrossEPG Rytek update
[FIXED] Displaying clock on simple channel list

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

[MODIFIED] Booting time optimization in script.mbox
[MODIFIED] XBMC media playback optimization ( including 1080p )
[MODIFIED] Changing network setting during recordings ( Note : Allowed only when your recording path is not a network path )
[MODIFIED] German, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Dutch OSD translation update ( Thanks to Milosh Cagalinec, Adam Nowak, Piotr O and Diderick Oerlemans )
[MODIFIED] Pre-installed XBMC addons update ( Added/Updated : Subtitles, Lyrics, Metadata and Yahoo! Weather. Removed : Wunderground Weather )
[MODIFIED] Archive, EPG and Timer window slide menu
[FIXED] Error dialog popup in network configuration
[FIXED] Default HDMI-CEC setting after factory reset
[FIXED] Loading JPEG image in XBMC
[FIXED] Updating addon repository bug
[FIXED] Saving previously chosen audio track language
[FIXED] CrossEPG hang up
[FIXED] Reset advanced settings after performing factory reset
[FIXED] Reset XBMC GUI settings after performing XBMC reset
[FIXED] Python subprocess patch
[FIXED] Swapping audio issue on a locked PIP channel
[FIXED] Start recording bug
[FIXED] Timer frequency bug on Edit timer
[FIXED] Restoring HDMI format bug
[FIXED] Channel Update bug
[FIXED] YouTube TV menu is disabled due to Google's policy change
[FIXED] Incorrect recording start and end time info on live plate when pre & post recording time included
[FIXED] Displaying a weekly timer bug

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

[NEW] Add "Format USB Stick" menu in configuration ( A fix for those who have trouble with unrecognizable USB stick when updating new firmware )
[MODIFIED] Korean, Japanese, Thai language subtitle support
[MODIFIED] Record path setting dialog popup when you start recording but no record path set
[MODIFIED] XBMC PVR client addon update
[MODIFIED] Relocating My record path menu in configuration ( Recording -> Storage )
[MODIFIED] Polish translation update
[FIXED] Downloading CrossEPG data on power off and active standby mode
[FIXED] Stopping weekly recording
[FIXED] EPG window python script error
[FIXED] Record path bugs
[FIXED] Audio passthrough bug
[FIXED] Teletext subtitle bug
[FIXED] XBMC media playback and subtitle bug
[FIXED] XBMC navigation hangup
[FIXED] NTFS mount bug on system booting
[FIXED] Backup and restore root filesystem bug
[FIXED] Connecting to XBMC web server
[FIXED] Deleting recording files on NAS in Archive
[FIXED] Checking XBMC addon update bug
[FIXED] Saving advanced settings
[FIXED] Media playback hang up in XBMC
[FIXED] Python script error hang up in XBMC
[FIXED] Mute bug on locked channel
[FIXED] Block audio when switching from TV channel to locked radio channel

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

[NEW] XBMC Gotham 13.2 support
[NEW] Aeon Nox 5 skin for Gotham
[NEW] Metropolis skin for Gotham
[NEW] Bello skin for Gotham
[MODIFIED] German OSD translation update
[MODIFIED] Default EPG grid timeline ( 4 hour -> 2 hour )
[FIXED] Connecting to XBMC web server
[FIXED] Deleting recording files on NAS in Archive
[FIXED] Unicable recording
[FIXED] Standby hang-up issue
[FIXED] Web interface remote control
[FIXED] Focusing bug on EPG channel view
[FIXED] Display extend EPG bugs
[FIXED] Manual timer edition bug
[FIXED] Updating pre and post recording time bug
[FIXED] Focusing bug on recording path in installation menu
[FIXED] Setting video and audio bug in first installation menu
[FIXED] Drawing EPG grid timeline bug
[FIXED] EPG update bug after tune in EPG grid mode
[FIXED] Recording deletion issue on post recording time
[FIXED] Audio language change bug
[FIXED] Empty FTA/CAS list issue in channel list
[FIXED] Broken character in web interface
[FIXED] Slow PIG close in channel list
[FIXED] Displaying Dolby/Dolby Plus icon on live plate
[FIXED] Saving channels after channel update
[FIXED] Live plate GUI
[FIXED] Running record color bug on EPG
[FIXED] Timeshift plate GUI
[FIXED] Displaying CAS icon
[FIXED] Displaying Lock/Unlock info
[FIXED] Saving video output setting
[FIXED] EPG update after changing channel
[FIXED] Channel change by view timer bug
[FIXED] Locked tv channel's audio issue after changing to radio mode

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

[FIXED] TTX bug on 1080p50Hz resolution
[FIXED] Hang up bugs on zapping
[FIXED] Recording bug after changing OSD language
[FIXED] Hang up after stopping recording
[FIXED] Satellite longitute input bug
[FIXED] YouTube and HbbTV menu operation in Advanced options
[FIXED] Update the file list in Archive when USB is connected/disconnected
[FIXED] Some minor issues on NAS recording
[FIXED] Channel list bug in Show more EPG mode
[FIXED] XBMC hangup on addon browser window
[FIXED] Reloading channel list bug after changing OSD language
[FIXED] Booting failure issue when all channellogos and "ChannelLogo.xml" file are deleted in folder "channellogo" via FTP
[FIXED] Diacritic issue on NAS recording
[FIXED] OSD display bug when teletext is on
[FIXED] NAS remount when IP address is changed
[FIXED] PVR features when playback recording files from NAS
[FIXED] Starting recording on NAS with a broken connection
[FIXED] A hang up caused by disconnecting NAS while playing a file in Archive
[FIXED] Occasionally not accepting a command from RCU
[FIXED] Some minor Confluence and Aeon Nox skin bugs
[FIXED] Some minor bugs on CrossEPG
[MODIFIED] Added left and right button on Aeon Nox's numeric dialog
[MODIFIED] Faster channel list loading in WebUI
[MODIFIED] German, Czech, Slovak and Polish OSD translation update
[MODIFIED] Pre-installed XBMC addons update
[MODIFIED] Recommend a mount path when you entered inaccessible path
[MODIFIED] EPG size limit ( 14MB -> 32MB )
[NEW] NAS mode on slide menu in Archive ( shown only when NAS is connected )
[NEW] YouTube TV support
[NEW] CrossEPG support
[NEW] Recording on USB memory support
[NEW] NAS and USB recording icons in Archive
[NEW] Support importing custom channel logo

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing

[NEW] Full Screenshot ( video included ) from WebUI
[NEW] Support connection of NFS in file browser
[NEW] NAS and USB recording
[FIXED] OSD calibration issue on PIP
[FIXED] Incorrect label display in Simple channel list
[FIXED] Channel reloading bug in Simple channel list after a channel search
[FIXED] Reloading channels in Simple channel list after starting/stopping recording
[FIXED] Playback recording files on NAS in WebUI
[MODIFIED] Switching PIP screens ( live <-> recording playback, live <-> media playback in XBMC )

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] PIP Channel bug in loop through
[FIXED] Displaying radio mode screen bug
[FIXED] New resolution on front panel display after adjusting resolution
[FIXED] EPG info bug when entering edit channel list from main menu
[FIXED] PIP Volume bug in Media Play
[FIXED] Reset the EPG database
[MODIFIED] Edit Channel list background and header title
[MODIFIED] Put "Extended Information" in the first position in EPG context menu
[MODIFIED] Show video id in decimal and hex, audio stereo DD info, and video resolution in service info
[MODIFIED] Allows to watch Live TV in Media
[NEW] Added PIP channel list

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] PIP channel list bug in loopthrough mode
[FIXED] Bugs on viewmode in media player
[FIXED] Channel loading bug in Channel list
[FIXED] Channel search bug in Provider mode
[FIXED] Broken addon matching
[MODIFIED] Faster media file playback
[MODIFIED] Czech, Slovak and Polish OSD translation
[MODIFIED] Automatic 1080 24p video playback (install -> advanced -> experimetal)
[NEW] Update finish notification display
[NEW] Current EPG event to each channel in channel list
[NEW] Extended EPG info on right side in channel list

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] Fast Scan channel name bug
[FIXED] Channel search in Channel list bug
[FIXED] Navigating Archive and Timershift window regarding to PIP
[MODIFIED] Made blue corners of video calibration visible on smaller televisions
[MODIFIED] German, Czech, Slovak and Polish OSD translation in XBMC
[MODIFIED] New PIP icons
[NEW] "Loading new language" dialog after choosing OSD language
[NEW] Additional help information in video calibration

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] Channel name display on VFD after swapping PIP screen and Live screen
[FIXED] Renamed OneCable as UniCable
[FIXED] Viewmode in media player
[MODIFIED] Set Active Standby as factory reset default
[MODIFIED] Polish OSD translation
[MODIFIED] Volume control optimization
[NEW] Channel sorting according to providers
[NEW] Enable/Disable Logical Channel Numbering
[NEW] Help information on channel search dialog

[FIXED] Backup and Restore System bug

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] Missing service info description on live plate
[FIXED] XBMC crashs when a media player stop during file seeking
[MODIFIED] Czech and Slovak OSD translation
[NEW] Help information for virtual keyboard language button

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] Incorrect channel name bugs on FAV group in edit channel mode
[FIXED] Minor bugs on channel search
[NEW] Added information button of channel PIDs, strength, quarity on live plate
[NEW] Added information on virtual keyboard

[FIXED] PIP channel list sort order bug
[FIXED] No PIP audio after swapping screens
[FIXED] PIP audio track bug
[FIXED] Incorrect Fast Scan channel info after restart box
[FIXED] Missing Slovak translation in XBMC
[FIXED] Clock on live screen disappears after restart box
[FIXED] XBMC file browser bug
[FIXED] NTFS and VFAT format support in XBMC file browser
[FIXED] Music file playback bugs in XBMC
[FIXED] Fast Scan channel bug
[FIXED] Progress bar stops updating on the end of media file
[MODIFIED] 1080p24 resolution support
[MODIFIED] Polish OSD translation
[NEW] Color keys on PIP
[NEW] Enable/Disable zapping confirmation in channel list ( Channel List -> Misc Option )
[NEW] Search in channel list
[NEW] Change display resolution menu on video playback in XBMC
[NEW] Hide unverified add-on warning message ( Get Add-ons -> Select repository -> i button -> Add to Approved repository )

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] Channel list bug fixes
[FIXED] Deleting timer bug fixes
[FIXED] Missing CAS info for fast scan channels
[MODIFIED] German, Slovak and Czech OSD translation
[MODIFIED] EPG optimization
[MODIFIED] Added more editing channel functionality for favorite channel group
[NEW] Enable/Disable next EPG notification in Advanced Options
[NEW] Enable/Disable clock display on Live TV screen in Advanced Options
[NEW] Enable/Disable clock display on front panel display in Advanced Options
[NEW] Added help for force addon repository refresh

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

[FIXED] Media play stops before reaching end of file
[FIXED] No audio playback after frame seek
[FIXED] Extra button appears when changing HDMI format
[FIXED] Hide Restart GUI menu ( Note : Undo this by uncommenting the line if you are a developer who want to use this menu )
[FIXED] Channel change bug in EPG channel mode
[FIXED] Various PIP fixes
[FIXED] Minor bugs in Timeshift
[FIXED] Opening m3u file fix
[FIXED] View timer notification bug in active standby
[FIXED] With extended EPG data, sentences are incorrectly separated
[FIXED] Jerky A/V playback on streaming
[MODIFIED] Improvement on Loading thumbnail
[MODIFIED] Automatic restart after updating channels from Prismcube Manager and factory reset
[MODIFIED] OSD and Audio language selection
[MODIFIIED] Smooth video frame seek by pressing FF/RW key in XBMC media play
[NEW] Backup and restore system image
[NEW] Timer in main menu
[NEW] New info in the bottom of window
[NEW] SMB support in Update firmware from zip file
[NEW] 64GB and 128GB SSD support

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing
[UNRESOLVED] HbbTV missing

- Support PIP.
- Modified HDMI Format UI ( after change resolution to 1080p and pressing some buttons on RCU it is not stored resolution Nobody know that must wait more seconds after change resolution. )
- Updated OSD translation
- Remapped yellow and blue hot keys ( Yellow : Audio and video settings, Blue : PIP on/off )
- Added a bookmark notification icon
- Optimized Get Addons, Get Repositories function
- Disable Background image caching
- Support connection of NFS in file browser
- Added "Update from zip file" ( backward compatibility not supported ).
- Added u-boot command "display_strings" for display strings to surface
- Adeed MPEG2 SW decoder for fixed SD picture decoding problem.
- Added Fast Scan in first installation menu
- Added Russian qwerty RCU
- Fixed bugs on scrambled channel recording
- Modified fanart resolution for improving speed
- Fixed bugs on auto remove thumbnail script
- Note: Press i button on remote control to start update when system boots.

- Fixed MPEG-1 video format playing
- Updated list of preloading images
- Fixed bugs on EPG grabbing
- Modified decoder to use DTS core payload only when an audio stream is DTS-HD
- Improved streaming media file playback

- Added channel logo images ( ASTRA 23.5 and ASTRA 19.2 )
- Fixed the popup dialog to disapper after 10 seconds when channel update done through Prismcube Manager
- Update German, Czech, Slovak, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian translation
- Ignore codec data when h.264 stream has no sps, pps for fixed streaming problem
- Zapping mode reset when import channel list

- Added Fast Scan in first installation menu
- Resized GUI splash image
- Updated German, Czech, and Slovak translation
- Fixed a fan control bug in standby mode

- Added HDD sleep mode in active standby mode
- Added a splash image which appears when restarting GUI
- Changed EPG from 14 days to 28 days
- Fixed a "delete all recording files" bug in timeshift

- Updated Spanish, Czech and Slovak translation
- Added 14 days EPG on live plate and extend EPG dialog
- Fixed sorting channels in channel list ( sync -> async )
- Changed channel number from 4 digits to 5 digits
- Fixed bugs on scrambled channel recording
- Fixed set speed bugs on playback.
- Fixed SOF process bugs on playback.
- Fixed bugs on recording about PMT version.

- Updated pvr addons in xbmc.
- pvr.iptvsample addons added.
- Fixed Fan control bug when a box is active standby state.

- Fixed minor channel list bugs
- Fixed channel zapping bug
- Fixed current channel number bug on live plate
- Fixed EPG UI display to be updated immediately when starting a recording
- Fixed "Send to PVR" in PVR manager
- Fixed channel list to update satellite info immediately
- Fixed focus issues on FTI window and Antenna Setup window
- Fixed focus issues on main menu in media center
- Fixed addon repository update notification bug
- Added Multi-feed icon on live plate and timeshift plate
- Added a dialog for recoverying broken DB
- Added active standby and deep standby menu in main menu
- Added "No Service" in channel status
- Deleted 1 pixel dot at top left corner of OSD
- Deleted favorite in main menu
- Updated German, French, Czech and Slovak translation
- Updated Prismcube addons
- Fixed sort button not to available in favorite group
- Fixed move menu only available in "All channel" mode and favorite group
- Fixed channel list to display only tunable sub channels in recording
- Fixed multiple left key input issue on timeshift
- Fixed play icon bug on timeshift
- Fixed recording bug on standby mode
- Added Fast Scan icon
- Added move and delete menu in Fast Scan group
- Fixed bug timer recording when standby
- Fixed Latin character display on front VFD
- Fixed bugs on addon repository check
- Added restart system, restart gui function

V1.2.1 10/23/2013
- Fixed a focus bug in channel list after editing the channel currently tuned.
- Fixed pincode dialog not to pop up on main menu when age limit is activated.
- Added "delete all channels when removing a satellite".
- Updated language packs ( German, Czech and Slovak ).
- Separate services between maruapp and xbmc using systemd.
- Fixed filter problems.
- Support vsftpd for allow root user access to rootfs using ftp. (PVR Manager ftp port changed 21 -> 50021. New PVR Manager needed)
- Fixed bugs on time setting.
- Fixed progressive jpeg decoding memory SPAMMER problem.
- Updated channel logo images.
- Fixed zapping bug when changing channel modes.

V1.2 10/8/2013
- Improved editing channel operation speed in channel list
- Fixed presentation number in channel list
- Fixed focusing current channel bugs in channel list
- Fixed channel update via internet not to start when configured
satellites not found
- Added manual channel search in first installation
- Added Fast Scan in channel search
- Updated language packs
- Fixed bugs on fast scan result window.
- Fixed bugs on samba client.
- Fixed bugs on Add EPG Timer function.- Added an error dialog for renaming channels when invalid characters
are included
- Fixed DB query for invalid characters
- Fixed multi-feed notification bug
- Fixed Provider.xml parsing error on FastScan menu
- Improved addon refresh speed.
- Fixed bugs on addon update
- Added yes/no dialog on check force reflesh.
- Added addon update notification dialog
- Fixed channel DB bug
- Fixed saving video format setting bug

V1.1.14 09/30/13
- Added audio language auto selection list (SLOVAK, LAVBIAN, PERSIAN, etc )
- Fixed bugs on multi-decrypt
- Fixed bugs on CIModules

V1.1.13 9/27/2013
- Support Language Ukrainian ( and virtual keyboard )
- Fixed focus issue on ChannelList
- Fixed osd clear issue on media player fullscreen
- Fixed bugs on channel data save
- Fixed bugs on smart card operation
- Fixed bugs on DVB filter

V1.1.12 - Support Polish language ( including virtual keyboard for Polish )
- Fixed bugs on smart card

V1.1.11 - Fixed focus issue on setting menu
- Fixed channel update via internet to reboot after update
- Fixed system to save GUI settings before it goes to reboot or shutdown
- Fixed connecting to hidden SSID bug
- Fixed editing transponder bug
- Fixed hang up issue when connecting to Wi-Fi
- Fixed timer update when channel number is changed
- Changed version display
- Added Slovak and Czech language pack
- Fixed memory leak on media player causes by messagequeue.put
- Fixed deadlock between main process & AddonInstaller
- Modify Volume for Dolby & Noise
- Fixed bugs on timeshift status bar
- Fixed bugs on SK/CZ EPG Information incorrect characters
- Support Multicrypt

V1.1.10 - Fixed bugs on capmt
- Fixed bugs on picture slide show with none pictures file
- Avoid bin,xbin files in ffmpeg for extract thumb error

V1.1.9 8/23/2013
- Fixed invalid section data from filter by using section start offset
- Fixed bugs on VFD when goes to deepstandby
- Enable ECM recording

V1.1.8 8/16/2013
- Fixed sync rewrite DB and read DB after searched channel
- Fixed sync presentation number by recording

V1.1.7 8/16/2013
- Fixed subtitle check and hide
- Fixed autoHide on context,bookmarkList Dialog
- Fixed sync tune by viewTimer
- Fixed not stop timeshift on alarm at viewTimer
- Fixed correct sync current channel after edited channel
- Fixed correct result channel by searched channel
- Added python libraries for text web browser, lyrics add-ons
- Fixed UPNP problem on specific upnp server( different uuid for every request)
- Fixed bug on auto chaptering

V1.1.6 8/13/2013
Fixed deadlock between doModal and Python Thread (UI hangs up issue)

V1.1.5 8/12/2013
Fixed some bugs on editing channels
Fixed view timer bugs
Fixed import python library issue
Fixed numbering channel list
Fixed no signal issue when changing channels
Fixed channel decoding to tune immediatelly when pressing back button
Added serial number and ethernet MAC address in system info menu
Improved editing channels speed
Fixed bugs on scrambled channel presentation
Fixed bugs on xbmc job manager
Fixed bugs on view timer

Fixed bugs about deadlock of add-on installer.
Change xbmc default stack size to 1Mb.

Fixed Play/Pause bugs on media play
Fixed bugs on recording file delete
Fixed bugs on avblank
Fixed bugs channel tune when leave media center

Fixed Play/Pause bugs on media play
eglibc library patched
Fixed bugs on view timer
Fixed bugs on simple channel list

Fixed Numbers of channels in Fav group 1…2..3…4…, do not use number from main list
Fixed Timer of Service changing, currently we have only Recording timers
Fixed Optimize speed of operation in OSD, it's very slow now ( channel list , epg , and etc. )
Fixed XBMC - Samba/Local - Delete file using "I" key after watching
Fixed Time-Shift buffer information save as recording without EPG - > consider to show window
- Moving channels in edit mode
- Window close after a channel search
- Navigating configuration menu in installation
Fixed minor issues on live plate
Fixed minor issues on mute
Fixed minor issues on update
Fixed minor issues on stop recording
Added new virtual XBMC keyboards ( GER, FRE, ITA, SPA, TUR, DUT, CZE and POL )
Added guisettings.xml backup
Added sync after file operations
Changed update scenario
Changed import/export configuration scenario
Updated help pages
Fixed bugs on ttxdecoder
Changed fan speed at high mode
Fixed audio presentation bugs on media play

kernel Image changed to ubifs backports version.
maximum volume level modified.
add, eglibc-locale-gconv-cp1252 for xbmc subtitles add-on
sync cmd add in shutdown.
fixed bugs on kal_termination.
fixed busg on antenna set up.

fixed label width for simple channel list
fixed bugs on update sequence
fixed bugs on favorate channle edit
fixed bugs on radia timeshift, playback

Fixed "Add HD logo near the channel in the list of channels" ( Buyer Issue )
Fixed "Add Channel Editor option in Menu => Channel => Edit (Submenu)" (
Buyer Issue )
Fixed "Edit 2-3 Channels at the same time, Move => doesn't remember
sequence how channels were selected" ( Buyer Issue )
Fixed "DISEqC 1.0 currently has limitalion 4 satellites, but in case
using Multiwitch quantity of satellites can be more" ( Buyer Issue )
Fixed "Simple Service list when press UP/Down (Service - EPG Event)" (
Buyer Issue )
Fixed "When list of options is big, buttons are not convenient (Audio
Language vs Menu Language)" ( Buyer Issue )
Fixed "Optimize speed of operation in OSD, it's very slow now( channel
list , epg , and etc. )" ( Buyer Issue )
Fixed "Save to and Download from USB - Antenna and Ethernet
Configuration together with Service list" ( Buyer Issue )
Fixed bugs on recording( QM Issue #1391 and #1410 )
Fixed bugs on EPG Grid ( QM Issue #1429 )
Added USB device notification dialog
Added new background image for radio mode
Modified video calibration scenario
Modified Unicable scenario on antenna setup
Modified XBMC addons not to download files on NAND flash memory
Updated Russian language pack
Added Audio Passthrough on media center
Fixed bugs on timeshift, playback

Vielleicht sind wir nicht günstiger als ein Discounter oder reiner Online-Kartonschieber, aber sicherlich besser !
Normkonforme Beratung und Bau sind bei uns selbstverständlich.
Sat-Shop Heilbronn Kunden können sich auch nach dem Kauf auf unseren besten Service verlassen
Hier im Forum wird kein After-Sales-Support für Fremdkäufe geleistet !! Wenden Sie sich dazu an ihren Verkäufer ......

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Tel ------ (Fragen gehören ins Forum ! Den nur hier können sie richtig bearbeitet werden, auch was hier noch nicht von A-Z genau schon erklärt/behandelt ist ) .. Dieser Hinweis weil täglich dutzende Fragen per Email oder per PM über das Forum rein kommen die noch dazu inhaltlich nicht das intus haben das man etwas dazu sagen könnte.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Zuständigkeiten verantwortliche Elektrofachkraft (VEFK) und Blitzschutzfachkräfte
Informieren Sie sich dort über Folgen und Auswirkungen von Eigenleistung und lassen Sie selbst durchgeführte Installationen von entsprechender Stelle prüfen und abnehmen. Dafür sind VOR ORT spezielle und qualifizierte Blitzschutz-Fachkräfte notwendig, Ferndiagnosen für Blitzschutz/Erdung können hier NICHT durchgeführt werden ("wie kann ICH das machen ..." oder ähnlich bringt da nichts).

Diese Signatur wächst von Woche zu Woche und enthält immer mehr grundlegende Inhalte die bitte berücksichtigt werden sollten bei bzw. VOR Anfragen !
100% beantwortet werden können nur Anfragen die auch alle relevanten Teile beinhalten die man benötigt für eine Antwort (genaue Beschreibungen/ Angabe von Herstellern/Typen für vorhandenes Material etc.). Bitte vermeiden Sie Aussagen wie "habe viel gelesen, aber ..." ohne Nennung von dem was Sie gelesen haben - den nur dann kann man auch darauf eingehen was event. unklar ist/war.

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